Jack Barton

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Jack Barton


2009 - Present: AP, ITN, Chanel 10, CGTN, ZDF, IHA, JTBC, Arirang, MBC.

2008 - 2009: Television trainer Afghanistan

2006 - 2008: Reporter cameraman AFPTV

2004 - 2005: Reporter cameraman AFP, BBC, Al Jazeera

2002 - 2004: Reporter ABC Bangkok

2000 - 2002: Reporter ABC Melbourne

1997 - 2000: Print and Radio reporter for The Daily Telegraph, Age, Australian, Herald Sun, Sunday Express, Independent, ABC Radio Australia, SBS, KQED, ORF and more.



Jack Barton covered conflicts ranging from pre-911 Afghanistan to Myanmar as a print reporter before switching to broadcast journalism at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2000. The ABC subsequently posted Barton to Bangkok to cover the Indo-Pacific region after which he spent a year creating documentaries for Al Jazeera during the lead-up to the network’s launch. Barton was then hired by AFP to set up the organisation's first television operation outside of France as well as fine tune the global operation from the Paris HQ.

Having spent a decade covering politics, conflicts and natural disasters from Afghanistan to East-Timor Barton relocated to Brussels for seven years in time for the Euro Crisis, several WEFs the wars in Libya and Syria and other geopolitical flashpoints including Russia’s occupation of Donetsk and Crimea in Ukraine.

In 2016 Barton relocated to South Korea covering the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye, the Kim/Trump summits, hundreds of North Korean missile tests and much more for a variety of networks including CGTN, MBC, JTBC, Arirang, Germany’s ZDF, Britain’s ITN and Australia’s Channel 10.


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